About Us

Kanada Technologies (KT) was founded in the year 2011 with the aim of transforming learning space in engineering education and create a talent pool with an ultimate workforce for careers in semiconductor industry.

Our Mission

  • Offer encyclopedic guidance to the engineering students into the depth and breadth of VLSI technology with the most appropriate inter-fusion of theory and practicals with corporate level understanding of the semiconductor industry.
  • Apply faculty expertise towards creating best quality, employable, industry ready semiconductor professionals.
  • To be the best skill development centre to enhance the employability of new electronic engineering graduates.

Our Vision

KT aims to be among the best VLSI training institutions, through the pursuit of indusrty-academia collaboration and the promotion of skill enhancement, by offering world class education to train future leaders in semiconductor industry.

Our Team - The Elite Group

We take pride in the core competent group that we have on board. Our mentors with over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry, enable us in creating and fine tuning our training programs in sync with frequently changing industry needs.
Having worked extensively in cutting edege technology nodes and with a passion of contributing to the student community we certainly envisage to make a difference.

Our experts are working in following domains of VLSI design:

  • Circuit Design - Analog, Mixed Signal, Memory and Standard Cell
  • Custom Physical Design - Analog, Mixed Signal, High Speed, RF, Memory and Standard Cell
  • Digital Design and Verification - ASIC and FPGA

Key Distinguishers

  • Practicals and Project execution using industry standard EDA tools.
  • Mentorship by working professionals and semiconductor experts.
  • Industry endorsed training methodology.
  • Preferred resourcing partner for core semiconductor companies.

What’s in a name? An interesting anecdote

Kanada (Sanskrit: कणाद) Technologies was named in the honor of great Indian sage Kanada of 2nd century BC. It was Kanada who originated the idea that anu (atom) was an indestructible particle of matter. An interesting story states that this theory occurred to him while he was walking with food in his hand. As he nibbled at the food in his hand, throwing away the small particles, it occurred to him that he could not divide the food into further parts and thus the idea of a matter which cannot be divided further came into existence. He called that indivisible matter anu, i.e. atom. He also stated that anu can have two states - Absolute rest and a State of motion.

Our Achievements

We have been dedicatedly mentoring 100s of engineering students over years.


Presented tech talk on VLSI Evolution and it's Latest Trends at KLE College of Engineering and Technology, Chikkodi
Started Internship Program for BE/MTech students at RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore


Signed MoU with RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore and started the VLSI Design course
Conducted Industry Standard Chip Design workshop at SK SVMACET Lakshmeshwar


Conducted Memory Design using 45nm Technology workshop at RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore and JSS Academy of Technical Education


Conducted VLSI Circuits-Back End Design workshop at Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Tumkur


Conducted VLSI Chip Design workshop at SK SVMACET Lakshmeshwar


Signed MoU with JSS Academy of Technical Education and started the VLSI Design course
Partnered with SDM Institute of Technology Ujire, Mangalore for Final Year Project Guidance